• Beauty Centre Worcester

    The Beauty Centre opened in April 1995 in New Street, the heart of historic Worcester. The salon spans three floors with the latest up-to-date equipment, premium skin products and highly experience staff. Treatment rooms are decorated in relaxing colours, comfortable couches - offering privacy and ambience. On the lower ground floor, clients can enjoy facial and massage treatments, away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre.

    Award-winning Dermalogica products, offer a wider range of face and body treatments to revitalise the skin and mind.


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    We offer a range of body, facial, tanning and beauty treatments. To book an appointment call us today: 01905 26124


  • The Dermalogica Facial Treatment

    Healthy glowing skin, for life.

    Pro60 Skin Treatment

    The ultimate Dermalogica experience, customised with advanced products and techniques. Completely personalised to your skin and different every time.

    60 minutes £45.00

    Course of 3 £120.00

    Course of 6 £225.00


    Pro30 Skin Treatment

    Targeting your key concerns for maximum impact in minimal time.

    30 minutes £32.00

    Course of 3 £90.00

    Course of 6 £150.00


    IonActive Power Treatment

    Achieve your best skin ever; this treatment delivers rapid enhanced results. Using active concentrates combined with heating and cooling gelloid masks.

    45 minutes £60.00

    Course of 3 £150.00

    Course of 6 £270.00

  • Body

    Spa Body Therapy

    For centuries, Spa Body Therapy treatments have been embraced for their revitalising and therapeutic effects. From ancient mineral hot springs to modern seaweed wraps, these treatments detoxify your body, de-stress your mind and revitalise your skin.

    Hydro-Active Mineral Salt Scrub: 30 minutes, £32

    - Mineral rich sea salt, dried seaweed and fruit combine to smooth and silken the entire body. Includes dry body brushing, friction massage and a gentle cloth buffing.


    Enzymatic Sea Mud Wrap: 60 minutes, £50

    - Detoxify, exfoliate and nourish your body with a purifying seaweed and mineral mud poultice, sealed in a warm, relaxing wrap. This treatment also includes a hydro-active mineral salt scrub.


    Back-Facial Treatment: 60 minutes, £50

    - A 30 minute facial followed by a 30 minute back massage.

    Expert Body Massage

    Reduce tension and relieve the negative effects of everyday stress. Our expert massage therapists will restore your sense of well-being with customised combinations of deep tissue, acupressure, Swedish , reflexology and manual lymph drainage techniques.

    Massage: 90 minutes, £55

    Body Massage: 75 minutes, £47

    Body Massage: 60 minutes, £42

    Body Massage: 45 minutes, £37


    Back Massage: 30 minutes £28

    Luxury Back Massage: 45 minutes, £33 (Using infrared heat treatment)

    Hot Stone Therapy

    Stone massage therapy utilises heat retain warm basalt and cool sedimentary massage stones. Small stones are placed on key energy points, while the deep heat from the stones are used to massage the body using traditional techniques.

    Face and Body Massage: 90 minutes, £65

    Body Massage: 60 minutes, £52

    Back, Face and Scalp: 45 minutes, £42

    Back Massage: 45 minutes, £42


  • Tanning

    Self-Tanning Treatments

    Introducing the latest revolution in the world of sunless tanning. A choice of colours to suit any skin tone.

    Crazy Angel Spray Tan: £20

    Preparation Tips

    DO exfoliate, shave or wax and moisturise the day before. NOT on the day. DO wear loose, dark clothing as the colour guide may rub onto fabrics but will wash out (it can stain some nylon and lyrca).


    DO remove moisturiser, perfume and deodorant before your application

    DON'T wear soft contact lenses during your session.

    DON'T use spray tan if you are pregant or breast feeding (as a precaution).

    DON'T tint eyebrows or eyelashes within 12 hours of a treatment.

  • Beauty

    Mii Make-Up / Eye Treatments

    Using Mii Make-up colour products, your therapist will give you a complete make over for that special occasion.

    Professional Make-up Application: 45 minutes, £30


    Eyebrow Shape: £10

    Eyebrow Tint: £9

    Eyebrow Shape and Tint: £15

    Eyelash Tint: £15

    Eyelash & Brow Tint: £20

    Eyelash, Brow Tint & Shape: £26

    Eyelash Lift: £35

    Eyelash Lift (including eyebrow shape & tint, patch test required): £40


    Offer a range of waxing treatments and packages.

    Full Leg: £30

    3/4 Leg: £26

    1/2 Leg: £19

    Bikini: from £15

    Brazilian: £18.50

    Hollywood: £23.50

    Underarm: £15

    Forearm: from £15

    Back: from £19

    Chest: from £19

    Lip or Chin: £9

    Face: from £12


    Waxing Packages

    Full Leg & Underarm & Bikini: £40

    Full Leg & Bikini: £36

    Full Leg & Underarm: £36

    3/4 Leg & Underarm or Bikini: £33

    1/2 Leg, Underarm & Bikini: £33

    1/2 Leg, Underarm or Bikini: £28

    To extent your bikini wax to a Brazilian add £3.00 or to a Hollywood add £5.00.



    5 minutes: £11

    10 minutes: £13.50

    15 minutes: £15

    20 minutes: £17.50

    25 minutes: £19.50

    30 minutes: £21

  • Hands, Feet and Nails

    Jessica Nails

    The Jessica nail care range consists of luxury preparations that will repair, heal and rejuvenate tired and damaged nails. All manicures include nail analysis shaping, cuticle removal, massage, nail treatment and custom colour. Using unique methods, with out specialised equipment, our highly trained therapists can transform your hands and nails.

    Jessica Deluxe Manicure:

    £29 with gel polish - £37


    Jessica Prescriptive Manicure:

    £26 with gel polish - £34


    Jessica Treatment Manicure:

    £19 (File, cuticle treatment and massage, without polish)


    Jessica File and Polish:

    £14 with gel polish - £25


    Zenspa Deluxe Pedicure

    £34 with gel polish - £42


    Zenspa Pedicure

    £29 with gel polish - £37


    Gel Polish Removal and Nail Aftercare


    Jessica Foot Treatments

    A rejuvenating and nourishing treatment with a foot spa, massage and exfoliation to soften the skin. All pedicures include the shaping of the nails, foot soak, massage, cuticle removal/hard skin removal and custom nail colour.

    Jessica Luxury Pedicure:

    75 minutes, £34 with gel polish - £42


    Jessica Zenspa Pedicure:

    60 minutes, £29 with gel polish - £37


    Jessica Toe File and Polish:

    30 minutes, £13 with gel polish - £25

  • IPL

    Phaser EPL is the biggest innovation in hair removal methods and technology for over fifty years. It offers a clinically proven, fast, safe and effective method for removing hair leaving you with smooth skin everyday, so no more waxing or shaving

    Hair Removal

    Phaser EPL delivers pulses of light into the skin at a specific wavelength which is selectively absorbed in the melanin pigment in the hair follicle. The light energy heats the pigment and effectively disables the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding skin tissue. Once treated the hairs will gradually slip out over the next seven to ten days leaving the skin smooth and hair free.

    Important to note that IPL hair removal is effectively removing hairs which are in the growing (Anagen) phases. Follicles in the second phase (Catagen) and third phase (Telagen) will not be affected since the dermal papilla is not yet attached to the follicle itself. As a result, additional treatments will be required once the dormant hairs reach the Anagen phase.


    Consultation - Free of charge

  • Therapists


    Karen Whyte establised the Beauty Centre in 1995 with an ethos of offering a professional service and a high standard of treatments.

    After growing from strength to strength over 21 years we have achieved our initial goals; being one of the first salons to offer Dermalogica and Jessica treatments in Worcester. All the therapists at The Beauty Centre have a wealth of experience and this is reflected in the treatments and product knowledge that we offer to clients. We are always updating our treatments and are now offering the latest in IPLA treatments, Chromogenex and Phaser EPL.


    Jenny has worked at The Beauty Centre for 13 years, with 15 years experience in the beauty industry and previously worked as a therapist on the Steiner cruise ships. Jenny specialises in Gel Nails and waxing.


    Amanda has worked at The Beauty Centre for 12 years, with 14 years experience in the beauty industry and previously worked in the health club industry. Amanda specialises in body treatments and Hopi ear treatments.

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    Tel: 01905 26124